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The Complete Original Fear Street Series Pt.1 of 2

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Related publisher series Zwarte Beertjes. Oops, I meant lying with her face in fire! Yeah, gross, I know. That ends the first part! Unfortunately not the Shadyside police, but they do mention that one of the cops is from there! I think the best part is when Danny wonders if a burglar is to blame.

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Yeah, a robber snuck into the dorm rooms of a bunch of teenage lifeguards, and when Cassie interrupted him hauling out his HUGE sack of loot, he just held her face in the fire until she died. Lindsay introduces herself to the woman in her home as Lindsay Beck and the woman responds by saying that Lindsay Beck died two years ago in a tragedy. That conversation was crazy. Have been for TWO years! Like where the past two years of her life went!!

Lindsay gets back to the country club and looks up her employee file. She sees that, yes, Lindsay Beck did die two years ago … in fact, she drowned in the pool!! It hit me. Bragging about killing, and wanting to kill more. She wants to know why the newspaper would write such lies about her! Since we know now that a girl named Lindsay died in the pool, I want to know who this Terry character is. I just assumed Terry was the dead lifeguard, because why else would someone be killing lifeguards as vengeance?

This book just took a twist… and I like it! Even without zombies. Lifeguards are starting to not get along.

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  • So which one could really kill? Lindsay is woken up again in the middle of the night by the same voice calling her. She ends up in the weight room where she finds Pug on the floor, working out. You heard a whispered voice and you followed it — again — knowing that the first time it led you to a murdered girl? Thank you! Someone outside Shadyside has pointed out how cracked out Shadyside kids are! In the next chapter Mouse brags to dead Terry about killing Pug.

    9780671868345 - The Dead Lifeguard Fear Street Super Chillers, No 6 by R L Stine

    Lindsay decides to get away from everyone by going for a drive. Are crazed killers! Probably not, you pervy assaultist! Lindsay comes back and joins the rest of the crew for a late night swim. Lindsay is dead! I killed Lindsay two years ago! Basically, Marissa and Lindsay were having a shove fight by the pool two summers ago, and Marissa won. Because she shoved Lindsay into the pool, where she cracked open her skull and died. A win by default, if nothing else. Okay, just kidding, tragic accident.

    For an entire year. She got better and they sent her home, where she spent another year as Marissa.

    Fear Street Super Chiller #6: The Dead Lifeguard by R. L. Stine (paperback) | eBay

    But she suffered a break right before the club opened and ran away to join. All the lifeguards are really understanding, but Spencer has to ask the awkward question: Um, why did you kill Pug and Cassie? To tell them that Spencer was murdered before he came to the club. Marissa does to quick deducing to realize that Spencer is not who he says he is, and also evil! Marissa just coincidentally also killed someone.

    They battle it out, Marissa wins. The book ends with Marissa going to finally call her parents, so they can call off the Amber Alert. Like how Marissa knew so much about Lindsay's life. It says they were both from Shadyside but not close friends. Or that the apple tree was dug up? Last but not least. May-Ann mentioned that the previous summer, a boy drowned in the pool. Was that just another coincidence? It was never mentioned again. Poor nameless boy!

    Well those are really the only bones that I had to pick… although they are kinda gaping plot holes. Also because R. Good show! Posted by A. Stine at PM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.

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