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Dec 3, PRAGUE - The Chinese government wants its people to spend more and save less so the nation can become a consumer-driven society and.

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I missed her so much while I was away at school! Crazy barking chihuahuas make life more interesting, and far cuter. Zuzu has her good days, too. Like that time she tried to eat the floor. All of her contradictions were forgotten last night when I came home, though. Zuzu is less Napoleonic when one of her family comes home. I walked in the door and waited to hear the pitter-patter of tiny chihuahua feet.

Suddenly, she raced over to me, squealing and wiggling around with excitement.

EPFL – École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne

Nothing is cuter than Zuzu when she is happy to see you. She actually smiles! Monet's gardens at Giverny, one of the most enchanting places in the world. Bonjour, everyone! Several of my friends have asked me to teach them basic French. Unfortunately, my schedule is really packed, but I still want to be able to teach.

The Student and Mr. Henri (L'étudiante et Monsieur Henri)

So, I will soon post audio and written parts of basic French lessons that I am currently creating. I want to begin by saying that learning a foreign language is much easier if you associate each new word with an image or idea; just like you would when you learn a new English word. So even though I will include English translations here, try to put each new word with an image in your mind instead. Associating French words with images will keep you from having to translate in your head as you speak, and thus, you will be able to speak more fluently. A word about French pronunciation: In French, we use a completely different part of the mouth than we do in English.

The French also reverberate a lot of sounds through the nose, and the back of the throat. I can only explain this through giving you some examples myself. In French, there are multiple ways to pronounce each letter, given the context. French is a beautiful language, and beautiful things are sometimes complicated. Because French is so context-dependent, it also has a greater potential for subtlety and nuance than English or Spanish.

It is absolutely worth the effort to learn.

L'etudiante 1988 Film Complet En Français

I will teach survival French, as well as vocabulary words by category. My first lesson will include basic greetings, and then, something like days of the week, months of the year, food, clothing, colors, animals, etc. I am so excited about doing this. I will soon be on winter break, so I can work on this project, and hopefully inspire someone to study French.

I will include anecdotes from my time in France, as well as stories about my various French teachers including the illustrious M. Guiard, a native speaker from Picardy, France.


The French language is nothing without the culture that created it, and so I believe learning French culture is an integral part of the experience. Ladies and gentlemen, the French language is the love of my life. French has the ability to communicate complex emotion more than any language I am familiar with, and there is something beautiful about how it sounds once you get the accent down. I am not the first American to be completely enamored with the language, nor will I be the last, but I hope my enthusiasm comes across in this brief language tutorial, and that you retain some of it.

What I can promise you, if you decide to study French, or are seriously studying it already, is that it will bring passion to your life. By that, I mean that the language requires passion to be able to speak it well. You will find yourself using increasingly big hand gestures, using your shoulders to express emotion, and finding that the vocal acrobatics of the French accent are at once challenging and beautiful although bungling first attempts is all part of the process.

Everyone who gets to see this classic movie, that is in love or ever has been, shall jump up at the end and scream: 'Yes! That's exactly how it is! This movie begins with love and it ends with it, furiously. Director Claude Pinoteau takes the viewer on a trip, that begins with the first amazement of a new acquaintance, this feeling that takes your breath away and ends in a monologue which is, in my honourable opinion, one of the best ever. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. This was the first french movie i had seen, and seeing it made me feel i had been losing out on a great genre.

I instantly fell in love with Sophie, who without a doubt, is easily the hottest thing to come out of France after Brigitte Bardot ;- The movie follows the life of a carrer oriented woman who decides to have a "fling" and then the fling slowly turns into something which she is uncomfortable accepting, as it may interfere with her studies. A beautifully made film, though the track is pretty standard for a June-December romance.


L'Etudiante is a film that centres around the relationship between a student teacher called Valentine Sophie Marceau and an ambitious but unsuccessful musician named Ned Vincent Lindon. Valentine is an exceptionally dedicated student, who thinks of nothing but passing her exams, which, quite unsurprisingly, has a big effect on her relationship with Ned. Ned is frequently tormented by this fact, and also that his relentless touring does not help the relationship either.

The film follows them as they try to overcome these problems and settle into a life together.

Like most French films, L'Etudiante is quite dialogue-heavy. And, as is also true about most French films, it is the quality of the acting that sees this through. Lindon is highly entertaining as Ned.

L'Etudiante, Suivi De Le Lien (French Edition)

He portrays perfectly the man with great ambitions but not the ruthlessness needed to fulfil them. His down-to-Earthness is the perfect contrast to Marceau's highly-strung Valentine. Marceau gives an excellent performance. We've all known workaholics who put their personal success before everything else. Often we see these people as cold and unemotional but Marceau is the opposite and shows Valentine to be as human as anyone else helping us to understand what is driving her.

Again, as is also often the case in French films, there are a number of constant irritations in the picture. Often, especially at the beginning, the director seems to just want to look at Marceau. She's very attractive but the constant goddess-like adoration does get a little waring. Fortunately, it calms down a bit by the second half of the film. A common gripe at French films is that the dialogue can get a bit precious at times. This is certainly true of L'Etudiante.

When I was a student, I rarely fell out with people because of their opinions on social anthropology, political philosophy or career options. Perhaps Parisian students do. And finally, Marceau does spend quite a few scenes au naturale.

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This is not an unpleasant sight but,personally, I found it to be a little unnecessary. L'Etudiante is a good French film for people who don't watch many French films. It won't change your life but it does provide you with an insight into commercial French cinema and will definitely keep you entertained for a couple of hours. Another film about the Love lokika 8 August This is very good movie about a student, that how could she Valentine check against her private-life and her preparing for the final exams.

Ned Edouard is a kindly man, who tries to tear Valentine from her exams.