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Dec 3, PRAGUE - The Chinese government wants its people to spend more and save less so the nation can become a consumer-driven society and.

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Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Jan 03, Rick Rapp rated it it was amazing. Reading a story of courage and survival during unspeakable adversities is always moving and inspirational.

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But when that story is a true account of what a friend actually went through, it is painful and yet uplifting. She traces her journey through Soviet territories, specifically Kazakstan and Uzbekistan. The hardships and illnesses that befell her and her family make one wonder if we would have survived such an ord Reading a story of courage and survival during unspeakable adversities is always moving and inspirational.

The hardships and illnesses that befell her and her family make one wonder if we would have survived such an ordeal; yet, survive she did.

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And her story is one that must be told. For the "reigns of terror" are not over. And new refugees and "DPs" are being created every day.

The world cannot continue to turn a blind eye to it. For, indeed, who is next? Feb 16, Rhonda Fonicello rated it liked it.

A compelling memoir! I would have rated it higher, but the spelling and grammatic errors were numerous and the print and lack of paragraphs and chapters made it difficult to read. It appears to have been self-published, which would explain the lack of editing and correct typesetting. About Alicja Edwards.

But as had been prophesied by the apostles and the prophets of old, a new day dawned and God once again spoke from heaven and called a new prophet in this day and time. He was but a lad in his fifteenth year. His name was Joseph Smith, Jr. God called upon him in a great vision in the year We are not Protestants, because we are not protesting against any person or group or organization. We have no quarrel with other churches. We believe it too. Without faith it is impossible to please God, but there is more to it than just faith.

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There are certain ordinances you must receive, and certain authority that you must possess, and there are certain works that you must perform, so come, let us reason together. Let us share with you the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This was in accordance with the teachings of the Master.

And so we say to our Protestant friends. Baptism by one who holds authority to act is essential to salvation. There are certain acts of faith that you must manifest. There are certain works you must perform, and certain authority that you must possess that gives you the right to act in the name of the Lord, which can come only through a living prophet. And now it would seem that we have sorted through the many different religions of the world and taken from them the very best parts of each of the churches. It would seem this way, but such is not the Case. But if all the Bibles on earth had been destroyed in the year when this church was organized , it would still be organized exactly as it is organized today.

We have a message for all good men everywhere.

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To those who are honest in their hearts, the Lord has commanded us to declare glad tidings. And so we go forth in love, for God, for our fellowmen, pleading with them to listen, and offer in sacrifice the message of the restoration. There are in the mission fields of the Church today throughout the world over 15, full-time missionaries from this church who are giving of their time and talents and substance freely, paying their own way, to carry this message to their fellowmen. It is a message of hope, for we declare that God our Heavenly Father lives, that he hears and answers prayers, that Jesus is the Christ, and that he lives.

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He has reestablished his church upon the earth in our own day and time, and it is for all men, for all who will. And he has called special witnesses, ordained them, and sent them forth to preach the gospel of truth, to gather out the elect, those who would hear this message. We have the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is so generous and kind to us in this day and time when we so desperately need it. He has given us a living prophet of God, who still makes the important decisions in the church and kingdom of God, under the direction of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, whose church it really is.