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I have spent many an hour on Ibeno beach so really did empathise with that part of the other hand! Off to sign a petition to repeal ammendment one and then order your first book… Thank you for introducing me to little bee. Eager to read more of your work. Hi Christina — thank you for your comment. Good on you for signing the petition to repeal it. Here in the UK there is a similar ongoing struggle to get equal marriage rights for gay people.

I am reading Little Bee, a fantastic book!

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I read that a movie is being made. Is it out yet? I was disappointed that I could not find mention of it anywhere. I will post news of it on this site as soon as it comes in. In part of this paper, I discuss reviews of the text to illustrate how an average readership has been responding to the very deep issues that you take up in the novel. If you have the time to get back to me concerning this, I would really appreciate it. Hi, I heard there will be a movie coming out on Little Bee and I was wondering if you are going to change the ending or not? Also what do you think would be the challenges in making the movie, such as having two narrators, having to go back and forth to the past and present and as well as the places you are going to film at?

Hi Suzy, yes, there will be a film of Little Bee. My strength as a writer is probably a willingness to research my characters more deeply than others might, and then to focus very hard on creating their characters on the page. For me, the plot and the structure are secondary to that, but in film they have to be primary. Novels and films are as different from each other as octopi and aircraft. I was just wondering when you wrote Little Bee what age group were you intending would read it? Hi Robin — thanks for your question. I never have an audience or an age group in mind when I write.

I have just finished reading Little Bee and I loved it. When I was reading the book, I read it has if I were watching a movie and said to myself that Chris should make this into a movie. I was very glad to hear that there will be a movie made from the book. Good luck and make the viewers proud. I know that this will be a great movie. Is there going to be a part two of Little Bee? On the other hand, I am changing as a writer and there are themes I get excited about now that would not have interested me three or four years ago.

Dear, dear Chris, I was in London November I was able to ask a question of a so-called well known black African American expatriate while I observed a lesson. The Ethiopian teacher claimed he did not know who I was talking about. I love your feminine voice—Carl Gustav Jung would have loved it too, showing the power of individuation! You are my new favorite author! Keep up the great work! My best to you and your family. Best to you and yours also! Thank you for both a work of art and also for opening my eyes.

Little Bee will be a wonderful tool someday when they are old enough to appreciate it. I am saving this book for them and will give it to them when they go on a holiday some day. Thank you for your talent as a writer and for teaching me about a subject I would have otherwise known nothing about.

Hi Carol Ann, thank you for your very kind comment. I also struggle, as a parent, to strike the right balance for our children. Which is a problem, as I think children respond best to leadership by example. It is rare that a book moves you and changes the way you think and view life- that is what Little Bee has done for me. My favorite book- ever! I love historical fiction. I have recommended it over and over…and will keep on recommending it.

And it changed mine. Thank you for writing such an inspiring book. We really have no idea do we in the western world? Gosh what an empotional journey The Other Hand take you on. You are an insightful man Mr Cleave, you have captured the very best and worst of all of us. Thank you. I used to read it in the morning while riding the bus to school , in the afternoon and before i slept under the Lamp! There are moments when I felt shocked, Happy, pleased, scared and sad!

Perfect Storryyy! Cheers to Batman xx. I just finished reading Little Bee and I need only one word to describe it:Marvellous!!. This is the best book I have read in a long time. I might be fiction but it is closer to reality then most people would think. I am looking forward to read another book from you! Kindest regards. Thank you so much for replying — I really appreciate it. Looking forward to reading your next book My best regards, Valerie Clapham. Thank you Mr, Cleave. Dear Chris, We will be discussing your book on Tuesday, April 3rd on our radio book group.

We broadcast for blind and vision-impaired listeners. I know we are going to have a great discussion and we think your book is beautifully written. Thank you for writing about an issue of such great importance, not just in Britain, but in many other countries around the world. My best regards, Valerie Clapham. Apologies for posting this questions twice, as I saw one can post questions to you on another web site via video — just eager to get an answer for Tuesday if possible.

Hi Valerie — many thanks for discussing the book on your program. I do think a novel can get people interested in an issue, though, and help them to see it from a human angle rather than an ideological one. Whether people make the transition from talking to militating for change is up to them. Dear Chris, Thank you for the gift of Little Bee.

Having lived in East Africa, Europe and the United States, you have created authentic characters and perspectives. The book was moving and you made it easy for the reader to feel compassion and move back and forth between the characters. All the best, Cindy. Hello Chris! I loved your book and I wonder if you could tell me a little bit about the background of Yevette, as I am writing an article on translations of speech paterns and linguistic registers.

Thank you so much. Hello Cristina, the character of Yevette is a refugee from Jamaica, and her life experience is based on testimonies that I read while researching the refugee experience. I just listened to a lot of Jamaican English — here where I live in London and also via internet radio from Kingston Jamaica — and I tried to reproduce it on the page.

It was quite difficult to know how to do that. I just try to listen hard and represent what I hear as best I can on the page. Hope that helps, and good luck with your article. I just finished reading Little Bee for a book discussion group at the library. The characters are so real and it was difficult to put it down. There are many issues to ponder.

Thank you for writing such a memorable book. Acabo de ler o livro, realmente fascinante! I have read your book and really enjoyed it. I absolutely loved it.

I Am The One - The Grants - Chris Grant

Thank you for writing!! Hi Hannah — thanks very much! Delighted you liked it. I was wondering how I could learn more about you book. Hi Preston, thanks for your enquiry. Somehow a chunk of my heart remains on the shoreline, lingering in the heartbreak and hope that your novel stirred inside me.

Deus Absconditus, a short story by Mary Costello

It seems simplistic to say that you are a talented writer with and eye for nuances of the despair that consumes us and the ties that bind, but hopefully you will understand. I look forward to reading your other novels, so please keep writing! Hi Jennifer, what a kind message — thank you. Your son sounds very like mine when he was in his Batman phase! I was really touched by your story, and I appreciate the creation of Little Bee. I truly admire your ability to unfold such a complex, universal story. Little Bee most definitely enhanced my appreciation and understanding of the simultaneous beauty and tragedy of being human.

Thank you for writing it. Hi Preston, good luck with your paper. The Andrew character probably did suffer with some post-traumatic issues, and with depressive illness. This morning when I awoke to my cell buzzing about Joseph Kony and read the controversial messages back and forth about this issue, I again thought of your book. I hope this is understandable! A question: I wrote about the book to a Nigerian e-friend. She teaches at a university, is very fluent in English, but had never heard of it.

Do you know of any impact it has made there? You tell a good story, you just make it too real to be taken as just a good story. When Little Bee is talking to the girls back home of what she experiences in our world — mostly very funny examples, but when you think it through, pretty sad at the same time. Well done, very captivating from start to finish. I am looking forward to getting hold of Gold in July and any other books by you in the future.

I recommended reading your book in our bookclub, and will prepare and present The Other Hand little bee for the Dutch this coming Tuesday, I hope your book went under their skin too. I was actually traveling, and while walking in the duty free in Lebanon , I met a salesman in Virgin megastore that recommended it to me. Loved it, loved it, loved it! I am halfway through Little Bee and am totally into it. Good Stuff! Dear Chris Cleave just finished Little Bee and liked it a lot — especially its humor and tenderness in the face of tragedy.

It was never moralistic but showed how the characters felt and what motivated them instead. I wish I could tell a story the way you do.

Around the World in 80 Books - Books Set in Europe: Luxembourg Showing of 7

Just finished reading Little Bee!!!! Chris, the novel was wonderful, couldnt put it down. Recommending to all my friends and colleagues! Hi Ahlishia — thank you for your kind words, and for recommending the novel to your friends! Thank you for the touching story of Little Bee, a danish reader made wondering. I had submitted a short but sincere comment about your novel before, but I see it does not take place in the website.

Is there a specific reason for choosing the comments to be posted, if not Have I posted stg. Please can you resend the comment? Greed corporate and individual is the often the root of evil. We consumers have a role in this. I just finished reading Little Bee, and I loved the book. I now have my daughter reading it for a book report for school. I am getting ready to go and buy Incendiary. I heard there was a movie or was going to be one based on Little Bee, is this true? I just finished the book, great book! Hi Amber — thanks for reading the book — glad you liked it!

In a way the novel is all about identity: that which we are born with and that which we choose to assume. As she changes her public identity, there are also changes in her private image of herself. For example, she is aware of an increasing gulf between her experience of the world, and the experience of those she might have grown up with. Sarah is also a character who is obsessed by her public image and her public identity, and is very aware of the impression she makes on others.

Beneath this superficial layer of self-presentation, however, there is a deep conflict going on between her original self-image as a campaigning journalist and her professional identity as a successful editor of trivium. It is the re emergence of Little Bee in her life that forces her to address this conflict in her identity. He is overtly and self-consciously manipulating his identity when he adopts the persona of Batman who is himself a study in dual identity. I hope this answer helps, and that your paper goes well! Thank you for your interest in my novel. Hi Chris — I just now finished Little Bee.

It was my Thanksgiving read and I finished in a few days which is unusual for me! Wonderful book although I laid awake a bit with some of the horrible images…. What I want to know is what happens to Little Bee?? I like to think that Little Bee would have been okay in the end — that she would have talked herself into being released after a period of imprisonment. But I wanted to leave the other possibility open too. I just finished reading your novel and it was amazing. Please could you expand? Your craft in telling the story was very well done.

I am always amazed when a male writing captures a female voice so well. Yet your story is with 2 independent females of diverse backgrounds, lives and experiences. The people in our book-club are elementary school teachers, who enjoy learning the writing process of the author to share with our students. How did you come upon the idea of two female narrators? How did they lead you to tell their story?

On the last night of our honeymoon, my new husband and I found oursleves reading in bed together; I was reading Little Bee, and my husband, the new Steve Jobs biography…I can not stop thinking about the novel, about Little Bee and Sarah, Andrew and Charlie. Some parts of the book were extremely difficult to get through my family has been affected by suicide , but I still could not put it down. I have never read a piece so moving, so emotionally raw.

Never has a book taken me through so many human emotions from start to finish. I look forward to reading future works. Chris, Little Bee has changed my life. I will be recommending this for our next book in my club. You have broadened my horizons immensely. You did an amazing job of speaking for these characters and making us a part of their stories. I have just re-read Little Bee for the third time, as I am moderator for my book club this Wednesday. I love the majesty of the writing, the expressions, the characters of Little Bee, Sarah and Lawrence.

I love your reason for writing on this subject, and I think you would be a person I would very much like to meet and talk to. I returned from three weeks of work in Abuja, exhausted, discouraged and happy to be home. I had never felt that way before about leaving an African country and it scared me. Several people told me I had to read Little Bee and I have finally done so. What a magnificent book!

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I was impressed that you were so able to write in the voices of women — no easy feat. And I was just captivated by the story. A wonderfully moving and engrossing tale that compelled me to read the whole book in one day. There are so many examples of injustice and apathy in our increasingly global society, but also stores of incredible compassion. You raised all of these issues so beautifully. I am glad I read the book after I returned from Abuja, but agree with your book that there are empty spaces ready to be filled with hope not only in that city but everywhere.

Thank you so much for a great read and so much to think about…. Thank you so much for this book. I really enjoyed the eye-opening story, even more as I myself leave in London and could see some of the places the characters go to. I was required to read Little Bee for an English class. I am a mother of three children under the age of six, I work 2 jobs, and I am a full time college student. If this was not a required read I honestly would have never read this book. I came to this site to share my love for this book. I plan on reading more books by Mr.

It is amazing that someone could write a book that literally comes to life. It must sound very cliche but never have I read a book that made me laugh out loud, cry, become so angry, made me gasp, and excited. I could feel the branches brushing my face as they ran through the jungle, I cried when Batman realized his father was dead, I felt fear when Little Bee had to phone the police….. I want to thank Mr. Cleave one Zillion times for writing Little Bee. I can not wait to read more work!!! What a gift this novel was. I am left with intense feelings, heightened awareness and an appreciation for you as a writer.

Hi Chris, I started reading your book this morning and by p. I was in love with Little Bee, the main character right from the start. If they had let Little Bee go, why would she still be with her sister later? Many thanks and keep writing wonderful books that not only entertain, but also have a powerful underlying message. I took the book in my hand on Saturday morning at 9 am … and I put it down 3 pm. I read the hole book just like that. I laughed and I cried. I read Little Bee a year or so ago, and loved it, so then I read Incendiary and loved that even more.

Oh well…. Thank you for your writing, you have given me many hours of reading pleasure. Fenella in Canada. I am a member of Lake Naomi Pa. The book was so thought provoking and will soon lead us in a lively discussion. The ambiguity of the ending is a soul searching experience in this time of global concern and world citizenship. How far did your hopes and concerns play out in the final scene? Was this originally planned or did it evolve as you experienced the writing process? I would really appreciate a response? Pat Mosunic.

Hey Chris, I had the pleasure of reading Little Bee, which i loved, over the summer. I also had the chance to listen to your amazing speech at the convocation at Pace University on September 6th and i wanted to thank you again for meeting with me afterwords, signing my book and giving me the chance to chat with you a little after. I am currently starting your other book, Incendiary, and loving it.

Your one of my new found favorite authors, keep up the amazing work and i hope ill be able to see you speak again in the future. My name is Shaunise. I havent read a book for my own personal reading in about 6 years. I recently started a job that does not allow you to use cell phones while on the clock. I saw other co-workers reading books and magazines. I went to my school bookstore and saw the book Little Bee.

Honestly I picked the book because of the cover and my 2 yr old son, we call him Lil B. I must say to get back into reading books, I couldnt have asked for a better choice. This book had me on the edge of my seat. Ive never felt those emotions from reading a book. I fell inlove with little bee and I felt like I knew her just as Sarah and Charlie.

I absolutley love this story and I await the feature film. Chris Cleave, you are amazingly talented and awesome. I will be purchasing Incendiary tomorrow. I can go on and on but I would rather spread the word to all my reader friends to read this book. You have open my mind to read read and just read and I thank you for that. At the time, however, I was in the midst of reading the Letters of Virginia Woolf only got through Vol.

I opened your shining novel about a week ago and finished it 3 days later while riding the train to work. I was sitting in the middle of a bunch of foul-mouthed, boisterous teenagers—who, in any other situation would have been horribly distracting—but I was so engulfed in your gorgeous story-telling that I just sat there, weeping with joy and with sadness. And everything was silent. Everything was wonderful. I could see myself under the boat with her. Hello Mr. Cleave, i hope you are well.

I thought i might first read some the comments. I did just that and then i read the first line of the frist chapter and stopped. The understanding of the nuances of this particuar voice is further complicated still by the racial dynamic. Hello Mr Macedon. Thank you for reading the first line of my novel. I read the whole of your comment.

I have been given this book but traslated it into german. I have no so much patiente to read books , but the story looked interesting. What a pity. I do not know if there is a traslation into spanish. Hi Joana, thanks for your message and for wanting to read the novel — yes, it is available in Spanish. It is published in Spain by Maeva and you should hopefully be able to find it online or have your local bookstore order it for you. If you have trouble finding a copy, please let me know through this website.

Best wishes, Chris. Your book has re-ignited that part of me that so desperately wants to see evidence of a major shift in our ability to see ourselves in each other. Cleave: I just finished reading Little Bee and have been thinking quite a bit about the story. Seems like her story is our rationale for asylum.

Could the book have left Little Bee in the UK and ended with the same scene on the beach? I agree that taking Charlie to Africa was reckless. Thank you for this absorbing read and for reminding me of the power of stories. I started a book club there, and our first book is Little Bee. We would be honored if you could come to the campus to discuss the novel with us. I have never had the chance to meet an author, and discuss his intentions, and I think that your coming would really benefit the members of the book club. Little Bee is my favorite novel. We would love to have the opportunity to talk to you about it.

I just finished the Little Bee it was one of the most emotionally moving books i have ever read, this is something im going to recommend to everyone, but I did have some questions 1. What was your inspiration for the cover art, I know this shares a common theme with one of youre other books and i thought it was interesting, it really grabs the eye, I saw that it shared a common theme with Incendiary and wanted to know if there was a reason for that. When Sarah and Little Bee were collecting stories why didnt you put in some of the stories? Regarding Lawrence how come you didnt put in his feelings about Sarah going to africa?

Thankyou P. S Keep writing, I cant wait to read Incendiary. One of our members convinced us that it was an excellent read and she was so right! The characters were amazingly depicted. The two women were so complex — vulnerable yet strong, passionate yet conflicted. The book club wanted to ask a few questions prior to our meeting next Tuesday:. During your writing process, did you always plan to leave the ending open? If so, why? Americans may prefer a happy ending, but I personally like to think of the story continuing into the future in an undetermined direction. What was her motivation to do this?

Did she not want to desert him? Was she blinded by her desire to help Little Bee at whatever cost to her family? Little Bee is thought-provoking and completely engrossing. The characters seemed so real, so human — full of faults and experiencing dilemmas as they stumble through life.

I look forward to reading your other novels. Dear Cathy, many thanks to you and your book club for reading Little Bee. I hope your discussion will be fun! In answer to your questions:. I decided finally to give it an ambiguous ending because I realised that the book was asking a question Did Sarah do enough for Little Bee?

I think she should acknowledge to herself that the situation is potentially dangerous, and perhaps hire a guard to go around with them — or some similar security arrangement. I think her attachment to Little Bee is actually the beginning of a grieving process for Andrew — a process which is still far form complete at the close of the novel. Thank you for thinking so carefully about the novel. As a writer, that means a great deal to me. I am reading your book for a second time. Would you explain to me why some words that Bee uses are are in italics. Hello Ann — re your question about italics: I use them for a variety of effects, and often to indicate a shift in register rather than to imply emphasis.

In this case I would be using italics to denote a register somewhere between first person monologue and reported speech. In other cases I use italics to delineate reported speech within dialogue, when it would get messy to use nested quotation marks. And in other cases still, I use them simply to indicate the intent of a line in dialogue. Hi Toni — your comments have just absolutely made my morning. Thank you! I promise I will write the fill-on humour book one of these days soon.

I have another serious novel that I desperately want to write first, and then maybe the funny book will be book 5…. May it play a part in alleviating the suffering that goes on there. It was worth it! The humour in the book is delicious, I adore your writing style and find myself going back through and chuckling at my favourite bits again this morning. I finished the book a couple of weeks ago for my book group.

Perhaps I had a different experience of it because I listened to it as an audio book and was not really able to read around the worst parts — the beach scene — as others in my group did. I found it sort of horrifying. Was it to give voice to the misery of refugees and the plight of women and children in war-torn countries? Please tell me you had a purpose for writing it.

Lauri — Thank you for your message. My belief is that literature can help people to focus on some things about the world that need changing. With Little Bee I think part of the problem is that the book switches between comic and tragic registers, so that it is a bit of a shock when the beach scene arrives.

Maybe there should be some kind of warning on the cover. Well Chris, I am blown away by Little Bee. I want to thank you for it. I look forward to your next book. I hope your book club will have a great discussion! Hi Chris, I finished reading Little Bee this morning and wanted to tell you what a wonderful book this is.

The women characters in this book are so strong and true. I was only in the beginning of the book when I told my daughter about it and told her she must read it. I will now go out and buy Incendiary and also your new book when it comes out. Thank you for your work. A fan for life, Cindy. Hi Cindy — thank you for your very kind message — that has made my day.

It was impossible not to cry. I got this book at a bookcrossing meeting in Bangkok — I think it was meant to find me. Thank you for writing such a beautiful, emotional and powerful story. It will stay with me for a long, long time. Hi Delia — thank you. I just looked at your blog, which is great. I see you have a book by Joanna Kavenna on your to-read pile. Thank you Chris Cleave for Little Bee. During the nights my son slept your book took my mind off all the stress i was under… I have always been a positive person so i knew that all would be ok…with Little Bee and with my son.

Her character seemed at peace at the end of the story giving up her name to Charlie and laughing. Although i did not want to see her caught i saw her amazing strength come full circle. Moving story makes you realize how insignificant some of our problems are in comparason to these real life issues. Thank you, Sue. Beautifully written work of art.

Books this amazing need to be shared, please pass this on…read, turn pages, share, talk, connect. Thank you for writing this. Thank you, Sarah! I like that you passed the book on. It was like the book was just following me from the shelves of bookshops…I decided to buy and read it since the very first sentences made me curious being so full of meaning. I am enthralled by the writing style.

It is descriptive without overdoing. The story unfolds at a very natural pace. The book is intelligent but not to the point of high mindedness. I am half way into the book and feel compelled to comment. I appreciate the works of an outstanding writer! I am an American with compassion, so the subject matter tugs at my heart strings. Thankful for a Great-Great Book!!! We reviewd Little Bee at our book club today.

We unanamously agreed that the ending was very disappointing, all hoping that Little Bee would be safe in the end. We agreed it was a poignant, beautifully written book with a real story to tell. Personally I loved the narration by Little Bee, the innocence, the bravery, the simple but complex outlook on life. It is a mind boggling story that everyone should read! Well done!! We chose this book for our church book club and will be discussing tomorrow at our monthly book review. Thank you for such a compelling and well written novel. Is there a sequel in the wind? The book has left my wife and I in a quandary, scratching our heads.

Each and every words I read gaps were more compelling though turned into a picture and stuck in my mind. What a truly amazing book Little Bee is. All too often we become so complacent in our lives we do not realize the true struggles of other people and cultures in the world. Definitely an eye opener. May all who read it find a little more compassion and understanding in their hearts. I cried buckets, but laughed out loud, too. I love this story. However, I was so disappointed by the ending.

But instead of telling you, I want you to decide how I got home. So end it! But otherwise, I loved it enough to continually pass it on to others! I really enjoyed the book, but came out of it with so many questions. Most touching, when Little Bee started to walk away, and talked to this other man, then looked over, and walked back. And when the little boy was missing. Biggest surprise, when the family showed up on the plane to take Little Bee home. Also when she gave the boy her real name. Hardest to understand, why Sarah took up with a married man, and was the angst from not standing up, being a man, and cutting off his finger, enough for Andrew to hang himself?

So much to discuss in the book club. All and all, really great book, and I want to read his other books now. I read The Other Hand in 2 days, one of my favourite books this year! Even the real life dramas of married life and family life made this tale a reassuring read. I finished this book today. The voices you gave your characters were so real I could hear them speak. Particularly the immigrants. It broke my heart. I hope it effects real change. It told a story I did not want to hear, and still made me laugh.

I have been troubled by denied asylum to refugees since I was a teenager — nearly twenty years now. It grieves me. I can see both sides of the issue, but being a Christian impresses me with the culpability of giving the alien, the fatherless and the widow more cause for sorrow.

We who are able ought to be a refuge and not a wall. You kept having the characters make a choice to help or do nothing because of the cost, and it strikes me how many of our policies in this area are that choice over and over again. It is a captivating and moving story, beautifully written. Highly recommended. Thank you so much! This piece was absolutely the most beautiful thing I have read in a long time. It is not often that a book can so quickly grasp my heart, but this book managed to do so in the opening page.

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  • To Catch a Bad Guy (Janet Maple Series Book 1)!
  • Wickedness?
  • Deus Absconditus, a short story by Mary Costello.

This is a novel I will be talking about for decades, and possibly teaching in my literature classes. Keep the novels coming! It have to be a more suitabe person. No hollywood glamout, it have to be a good film! Gostaria de dizer apenas que chorei com seu o Pequena Abelha. Quero ler mais coisas suas. The best book I have ever read. I laughed and cried- and truly loved every moment.

Going to buy Incendiary first thing tomorrow! Cleave, Thank you for the courage and sincerity. While reading your book I found in myself. I think this book is a symbol of loyalty and sacrifice. I felt the book so that the heat of the beach and waves and I cried , I cried. My English is not very good but our emotions are the same so I think you understand me because I understand you. I hope that this work brings to write an exaple to the whole world.

Of all the thieves and war and massacres in the world for more than just people. Thanks for sharing this great book from the New York times bes seller list.. I know what Little Bee felt, when I got asylum in the United States from my Birth Place Cuba, also the wonderful people that gave us refuge, a hand and a place to live, and food for my family,they were Angels that came to guide us and give us hope for a new home in the United State of America.

Reading your book was like living those unforgetable memories. Just finished this remarkable book which is extremely thought provoking. How does a person survive death…of family, of a tribe, of self? This story shows how uniquely lives can become intertwined and spark the growth of each other even during difficult times. The world needs wake up calls like this. You wrote both women extremely well and the combined narratives really challenged cultural perspectives.

Was hooked from the opening paragraph. Look forward to reading more of your work. I was deeply moved by your book. It was very powerful. I kept thinking about Little Bees life and tried to imagine going through all she did at such a young age. She is a very strong woman emotionally. I feel so for these people who seek asylum. A novel that should be read by all! Cleave, Could you explain the ending??? Our book club had a heavy discussion. There were many different opinions expressed. Karen Palumbo. I loved, loved, loved this book. So well written. I felt every emotion possible while reading this book.

Passed it on to others, and they had the same experience. Keep writing!!! I just finished reading Little Bee and I loved it. I teach 4th grade in California and my finance is English. Thank you for the lovely book and cheers. Heartbreaking, but beautiful and so thoughtful. Your characters were extraordinary….. I think I will be haunted by the girl in the Dunlop trainers for some time.

Chris, how are you? I would say that I read Little Bee by indication of a friend, a journalist. Thank you for gifting us with a story as beautiful and engaging. Thank you so much for writing such a great story. My sister told me that I would not want to put it down and she was right. I look forward to discussing it at book club tomorrow night. I really loved LIttle Bee the other hand. I started reading it because, in truth, I was bored and needed a book for my Language Arts report.

Personally, I could not relate to any of the characters only being in 8th grade, but Chris did an excellent job of making you feel connected to the characters as if they were your dearest friend. By the end of the book, I felt as if i knew the characters up close and personal, I could feel all of the characters feelings: anxiety, fear, stress, love, etc.

Once i got to the last chapter I was so sad, it was as if an old friend had died, i did not want my short-lived relationship with Sarah, Little Bee, Charlie, and even Lawrence to end. The ending was good, but i was dying to know what happened to Bee after the soldier took her by the soldier. Cleave, Thank you for writing this book. I was very deeply moved. It is not a story and a lesson that I will likely forget easily. Simply feel that needed to be said…. A moment of insanity, lasts a lifetime, moving us in directions we never thought plausible. Your book was remarkable.

I loved the characters. The reality of Sarah and Andrews relationship was tragic and lives in real life in households across the world. I read this book as truth in all aspects of it. For these are real situations living in this moment of time. May people read this book and learn about their own person. Would you cut off a finger? She would have never found herself, the good of her. Little bee and all the Little Bees and Kindness in the world, my heart breaks for them.

Evil lives in this day, in this moment as horrific as described in your book. And that is a very disturbing reality. May we live to see the world find peace. Thank you for the genius you are. What actually did become of Little Bee? Did Sarah continue to fight for her…. Having two boys and a grandson of my own….. The cry for a sequel is large here, and I join the group. The open ending of Little Bee lends itself to so much. You have touched on a beautiful avenue to deliver awareness and discussion for the masses to not only enjoy the ride through your gifted writing, but to ask further…….

An avenue far from the media that has made so many become too desensitized. Please, give us more on Little Bee and her plight……. Thank you so much for this eyeopening story of fiction……. Chris, I listened to this on my iPod. It is truly a wonderful story and beautifully structured.