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Well, apparently, lots of people! Many collectors turn to eBay as it is one of the best places to find the corresponding players for out of date media.

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The second picture on the left shows a Ampex Reel to Reel Player. Don't be scared off here because of high shipping costs. Buyers understand that these are heavy items and will pay handsomely for them to be packaged well. Also, be sure to watch for handheld tape payers, especially ones still sealed in the package. When we are out thrifting, we are always sure to have some tapes and VHSs with us so we can test anything we run across. If you don't have any media with you or can't find one at the thrift store to use , at least plug the unit in and run through all the buttons.

If there are any foibles, then we give the machine a pass.

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There are so many other things out there to sell that it's very rarely worth repairing or selling electronics for parts. The competition is often fierce when it comes to electronics at thrift stores. At most of our local thrift stores, there is a hardcore group of grubbers who seriously sit around all day waiting for new carts of electronics to be wheeled out we call these people vultures Don't be discouraged, however, just because someone is dedicated doesn't mean that they're actually good at what they do.

The vultures in our locale seem to have a very specific appetite, because we routinely follow behind them and find amazing vintage electronics to flip that they've completely passed over. Speakers from computer brands Microsoft, Dell, etc. We typically don't do any testing beyond plugging them in and pushing the factory reset button and we haven't run into any problem s. Backpacks, especially vintage ones, fall into our "bread and butter" category. While everyone else rushes for and scrabbles over fake and worn out purses, we are calmly digging through the racks for backpacks and pulling out huge profits!

As with everything else on eBay, unique sells. It's fairly easy to spot bags that seem out of place among the myriad of worn out school backpacks in thrift stores. Avoid packs with an exterior metal frame as they are older, not valuable, and a huge pain to ship. Event backpacks. Definitely avoid packs from the " Nexium Conference in Salt Lake City" or other similar things which no one want to identify with.

However, we grab packs from concerts, some charities, the Olympics, leadership trainings, etc. If someone wishes they were there, maybe having the backpack is the next best thing! Vintage Jansport backpacks are of particular note here. Vintage games are some of the most exciting finds you'll have in this category. When looking for games, make sure that they are complete and if they are a computer game have the "key.

But even without the key, people will pay for a collectible version of the game. A handy tip if you're looking for games, CDs, and DVD's is to download the Amazon app which allows you to quickly scan bar-codes. If something is valuable on Amazon, then it's a fairly safe bet that it's priced similarly on eBay!

If you are averse to downloading another app, eBay also has a scanning function which will search using a bar-code. Keep in mind: eBay's scanner is slightly less refined, and there is a greater chance that you will come up with zero results as eBay's catalog is much smaller than Amazon's. Games designed for early versions of Windows Vista, 95, etc.

We've only included pictures of two examples that have sold recently, but any type of blank media sells. When we thrift, we typically have price points that are an automatic buy for any blank media. We then save them up until we have enough to make a decent lot and then sell them together. All day, every day. Although it's the same return on investment, the time required is much less as only one set of pictures, one listing, and one shipment is required. VHS tape prices are typically pretty consistent no matter the age a tape is a tape, I suppose , but blank cassette tape prices vary wildly.

Keep a special eye open for special edition tapes, tapes for a specific type of music, from a specific era, etc.

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  • The stranger or more specific, the better. I've never had a classic car with 8-track player, but if I did, you can bet your butt I'd look on eBay for music to stick in it.

    Thrift Store Flipping: 15 Best Items to Resell for Profit

    It shouldn't be surprising that many people turn to eBay - for the sake of collecting, and for simple nostalgia. In fact, you've probably been told by your Aunt Sally that the Elvis records she has from her younger days are "worth hundreds of dollars on eBay" While there are rarely worth selling individually, we have gotten excellent money from selling them in lots. Some people like selling a certain Niche, and i mostly sell clothing, however anything is fair game! You should see it when they bring a new cart out of the back room, it gets flooded with people like vultures Just to crowded for me.

    I've been having better luck buying at antique stores again. They are not crowded and the prices in them really dropped around here and you find items that not everyone else is selling here and the condition is usually better than the thrift stores.. Also do better getting stuff from garbage days off the street then the thrift stores especially when the wife cleans out the garage while hubby is at work.

    Garbage picking helps when you are a scrapper too though and depending where you are at if it is legal or not. Around here anyone can go in your garbage if it is a generic can on the curb but if it has a Co. Also i like buying at regular stores instead of thrift stores. No don't think about in all in one store that has everything, their sales usually arent that great but think a specialty store that tries to jump on the band wagon during a holiday.

    These are great because lots of time i only need to sell items off the pallet to pay for the whole thing so i don't car if it takes me 2 years to sell it all, at least it was paid for in the first month. For a few years there, they weren't worth going to, way to many people throwing money around like candy but they seem to finally learned it isn't gravy like they portray on tv. Sucks to be the poor person that's going into goodwill to buy stuff to wear or use because they can't afford to go any where else, only to learn they can't afford to shop there either.

    Mostly 80s toys! I did books- they all seem worthless I did ps2 games- again worthless Designer purses seem to be hard to tell apart from the knock offs. Hunting for treasure, picking, is fun for those who enjoy it, and a horror for others, who are more than willing to PAY for somebody else to be down on their knees, dragging out disgusting boxes stuffed below the bottom shelves in various second-hand thrifts and junk shops!

    Or spend hours which add up into days, pawing over other people's junk at garage sales and curbside.. I wouldn't know valuable 80's toys if I stumbled over them.. But I know a whole lot more about Pickard china pieces and about Catherineholm enamelware than I used to! Just pick what interests you. Yes, pick what interests you. Then come onto eBay and research those items for sale here, and sold, by other sellers.

    Use their knowledge and experience to gain some of your own education! You asked about what others hunt for in the thrift shops to resell here for fun and profit. And then too, you have to consider what you're willing to deal in and what just isn't worth your time, and that's a personal decision and varies greatly! I'm willing to make only a small profit on items that don't take up much shelf space in the inventory room and that are fast to package for shipping. Not a big profit, but easy peasy to handle.

    Think of the fine Department Stores and the simple Dollar Stores You may not enjoy the same markup as the retail stores,but you can afford it,as your overhead is lower. A lot of people like the idea of selling new things right out of their homes. Remember, those new items are being sold all over the ecommerce world, so if you go with new manufacture, see what you can find that isn't also being listed by lots of other sellers in direct competition with you.

    What to Sell on eBay from Thrift Stores & Garage Sales. 8 TOP SELLING ITEMS to Re-Sell for Profit

    Some folks enjoy buying pallets of new mixed items that may be made up of shelf pulls, returns, etc Sometimes expensive in one single chunk, and you have to arrange the transport, but fun to sort through the thing once you get it.. I would say this is really bad advice. Best money makers for me have been auction finds. Along with that I got 10 other boxes. Items included Rose Bowl train trip from Ohio State including schedules, menus, banners, photos and player autographs from both trains Scarlet and Grey. Her school text books nursing. And a set of Warther steak knives.

    Here are the best items to buy and sell for a profit

    I still have the knives and the dress whites. Skip to main content. If you have all of them, you're likely to do well in this niche. If you lack one or several of them, you might still be able to make it pay, but you might not have as much fun as others in the process. All of the factors above are important to your success as an eBay thrift seller, but there are other sets of skills that most eBay sellers even small sellers must have before they begin to see a livable profit on eBay: business skills and eBay skills.

    Read on to find out more about the unique set of skills and practices that must be employed if an eBay thrift seller is to become successful. As a thrift seller, there are a few basic skills and practices that you will need to master in order to become successful at what you do. As you can see, in a business like this one, bookkeeping is everything.

    Without good bookkeeping, sellers commit cardinal sins like listing the same item twice, shipping the wrong item to a winning bidder, losing the item in question and being unable to ship it, or other problems that are often symptomatic of very disorganized sellers. Be sure to post the details about your ratings system in the description of your item.

    If it won't easily fit in an item description, or you feel that it will unnecessarily detract from the listing, that's a good sign that your ratings system is too complex or ungainly. The answer to this question, of course, is "yes.

    Thrift Store Flipping – 8 Best Items to Resell for a Profit

    The keys are to have great sources for used goods, a great eye for cheap deals that are nonetheless highly desirable, and a dogged determination to maintain best records and selling practices as you trade online. Happy eBaying! The Balance Small Business uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using The Balance Small Business, you accept our.

    Do's and Don'ts Selling Questions.

    How to Make Money on eBay Shopping at Thrift Stores - Snapguide

    By Aron Hsiao. In no particular order, the characteristics in question are:. An unfailing love of shopping. This is, first and foremost, a job for compulsive, savvy, dogged shoppers who aren't merely okay with treading the aisles of stores and the front yards of yard sellers all day, but who absolutely live for it. Knowledge of a distinct niche.

    This type of eBay seller generally knows one type of customer and knows them well. Whether this customer is the ladies' vintage dance shoes aficionado or the 35mm manual camera aficionado, these sellers know what buyers in a specific niche market want.