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Dec 3, PRAGUE - The Chinese government wants its people to spend more and save less so the nation can become a consumer-driven society and.

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Free Membership. Congratulations Briar! Anahera Press hopes you enjoy this short story by Serie Barford, extracted from her collection Entangled Islands Both of my parents had dark curly hair in their youth. Mum reinforced the waves by setting her hair in plastic curlers, anchoring them with skewers and bobby clips, then wrapping her head securely with a scarf so that she could sleep on her spiky helmet without dismantling it during the night.

I have vivid memories of being shaken awake on school days to the sight of loosened skewers poised like daggers above my eyes. My mother cut quite a figure in those days with her hair-sprayed coiffure, immaculately pressed homemade clothes and hibiscus-red lipstick. My sister and I were really proud of the fact that she once caused a car accident outside the dairy when she worked at the Four Square at the top of our street. Mum had been sweeping up lolly wrappers and minding her own business when a guy who was gawking at her backed into another car. That was my news at Morning Talk at school and the whole class clapped.


I felt really lucky to have such a pretty mother and I could tell that Dad was proud of her too. Rosy had thick, straight brown hair with chestnut highlights. She was short so her ponytail went a long way down her back. It was my job to turn Rosy into a princess with Victorian ringlets.

I accomplished this by tearing old sheets into arm-length strips to make rags that I wrapped around her freshly washed hair before she went to sleep. I did such a good job of turning Rosy into a princess that she was picked on by Miss Archer, her school teacher, who detested prettiness and assurance in little girls. Miss Archer started shouting at Rosy, scrawling over her exercise books with red ink, making her stand in the corner and sending her out of the classroom for no reason at all. My sister tried to appease Miss Archer by sitting up straight and being extra good but that only made Miss Archer snigger and smirk.

Miss Archer liked to disrupt our games, especially if we were turning the big skipping rope and playing All in Together Girls at lunchtime. After a while my sister started biting her cardigan and blinking like a flashing car indicator. It was really annoying. Then she started talking and walking in her sleep.

Mum took time off work and visited Miss Archer in her classroom the following day at morning tea time.

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I stood on tippy toes outside the window so I could see what was happening. Miss Archer attempted to dismiss my mother with disdainful looks and a comment about a busy schedule. Mum just pressed her lips together, stood her ground and skewered Miss Archer to the current affairs notice board with her steely green eyes. Miss Archer dissolved into tears just as the bell rang for class. Mum hugged the defeated teacher and dried her stricken blue eyes with an embroidered hanky.

Then I tried to groom my own hair, but basically it was an unbrushable mop. I shook my head and Mum sighed. She wanted to control my hair like she managed her own locks but I loved my wayward curls. Mum was sick of dragging me down the arcade and up the stairs to the hair salon.

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Sometimes the hairdresser would razor cut my hair so short that strangers thought I was a boy. One weekend my parents had visitors who stayed for dinner. We all stopped chewing. We were shocked. Everyone knew I had frizzy hair, blue eyes and a pale face. So what? My grandmother and my parents exchanged glances over my head. Can somebody send me a link, I'm very curious to hear it myself too!. After a year break, Ferry Corsten announced the return of his Gouryella alias with a new uplifting trance track called Anahera , [26] which was released on June 15, through Flashover Recordings.

I was sick and tired of all the 'Put your hands up, put your fucking hands up!

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Without getting too sentimental, I felt like I wanted to bring back that old sentiment and emotion from the turn of the century type-of-thing. I thought it was the right moment. During his set at Dreamstate Europe in Gliwice, Poland he premiered his next single "Surga", which is going to be released on May 3, [44].

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Ferry Corsten pres. Gouryella - Anahera (Live at Transmission Prague 2016)

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