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Dec 3, PRAGUE - The Chinese government wants its people to spend more and save less so the nation can become a consumer-driven society and.

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Les Arbres remarquables des forêts de Rouen

Brume se hissant dans les voiles. Un paysage du ciel. Mes larmes ruissellent de nostalgie. De solitude. Comme la brise froide…. Voyage au centre du temps. Seule la nuit pourrait le rassurer. Illustration : Bruno Rigolt. Fui de tous, craint par le monde, seul Face au royaume de la compassion. Les nuages sont des larmes…. Couleurs promenantes. Du haut du ciel tombaient des oiseaux. This, along with concern for renewing our forest resources of wood, other products, and the other resources provided by our forests, and the safeguarding of these resources for future generations—all of that is included in the framework of rules.

The activities of a forest ranger have a seasonal rhythm.


Rangers are responsible for general supervision of the forest through monitoring the environment, the organization of hunting leases, and the supervision of lumbering and selling timber. Rangers also have to watch and apply the particular set of management guidelines for each forest and annually predict how much lumbering and other forest work will be done.

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So, the martelage, a procedure that involves marking the trees that are to be cut down or preserved, is an important role for rangers; and once the wood is sold, they are in charge of monitoring the lumbering. They also have to foresee what work needs to be done in order to maintain good management principles, and to keep the other work going too: forestry work, infrastructure work, public welcome, and so on. They organize and lead visits, plan events, maintain public trails, and manage other public spaces.

In winter the work is organized around monitoring lumbering activities, and supervising the hunting areas. Summer is more involved with the annual preparation of work projects, and assigning which parts of the forest to mark. Other activities take place year round, like marking the trees, supervising the borders, maintaining and developing relations with the forest communes, and so on.

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What do people not know that they should know about the work of the forestiers of France? That we love the forest!

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Our work affects the landscape; when huge, ancient trees are cut down, the landscape is altered. This is unsettling for some people, who may have an image in their minds; it is something they have always known that is unchanging and reassuring, and now it is changed forever. It touches the emotions, and I think that in this sense our work is not always understood. Being a forestier is a passionate calling: as forest rangers, we know very well the destiny of the trees we mark, and the finality of this work.

When we mark a parcel of land for cutting, the marks we place on the trees puts an end to living memories. But these choices are well considered, and what drives us at the moment when we take out the hammer is a feeling of respect and of pride, because we know that what we are doing is harvesting the fruit of the work of our predecessors.

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The important thing for people to understand is why we do these things: because we are feeding the paper mills, the boiler rooms, the lumberyards of the nation. Maybe they could be a little bit more interested.

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One can see that at present we are in a society that is far removed from nature. I think we need to find again a taste for simple things and take the time to ask ourselves about our roots, about our natural environment, which is right here in front of our eyes. Instead, today we are often looking at it through a television or telephone screen.

But it seems to me that in general we could show more interest in nature. What qualities of character, habits, and talents are the most important in this kind of work? What advice do you have for a young person who might be considering a career in forestry? You need to be independent, rigorous, organized, but also visionary, because we are constantly projecting ourselves forward in time, working with the forest and in its stands, looking ahead or even years.

What is the most satisfying thing about your work? What is the hardest? The most satisfying is the independence. The other thing I love is working in the forest. To be outside, in the heart of the forest, is a gift when you love nature. Why is it important to protect our forests?