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Many of them live alone rather than with family members. When elderly individuals do require care, their caregivers are usually family members.

Children are much loved in Ireland, and most residents have a tolerant attitude toward little ones' shenanigans. Discipline is usually reserved for older children. Marriage in Ireland is somewhat of a different animal, too. The average age of marriage is 33 for women and 35 for men, much later than in most of the world. That means that young grandparents are relatively rare in Ireland.

Divorce, which was not legal until , is still relatively rare, probably in part to the fact that the process is drawn-out and expensive. That means that stepgrandparents are quite rare, too. Cohabitation without the benefit of marriage is quite common, and civil partnerships have been recognized since Although there is no official National Grandparents Day in Ireland, a celebration has evolved in conjunction with the predominant Catholic faith.

Grandparents are honored on one day of Catholic Schools Week, which begins on the last Sunday of each January.

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In addition, many Irish grandparents make a pilgrimage every year to pray for their grandchildren. Over 10, grandparents make the pilgrimage, according to the Catholic Grandparents Association. The degree of grandparent involvement also varies depending on the societal context, such as the social welfare policies. For example, in European countries such as Sweden and Denmark, where formal childcare is widely available, grandparents provide less intensive childcare.

There are different types of grandparental involvement, including nonresident grandparents, co-resident grandparents, grandparent-maintained household, and custodial grandparents. Grandparents have different functions in child development. Not only do they provide instrumental support such as picking grandchildren from school or feeding them, but they also offer emotional support. Grandparents can have a positive or negative impact on child development. On the one hand, previous research suggests that children and adolescents who have a close relationship with their grandparents tend to have better well-being, experience fewer emotional problems, and demonstrate fewer problematic behaviours.

Therefore, they are likely to have a higher chance to suffer from physical health issues. To be more specific, raising young children again could be a stressful and overwhelming experience and thus results in different kinds of negative emotions such as anxiety or depression. For instance, grandparents will be forced to limit their social activities so as to care for their grandchildren.

By doing so, grandparents become more isolated from their social relations. However, there are also positive effects of being involved in grandchildren raising. Compared with grandparents who do not provide caregiving to their grandchildren, those who take care of their grandchildren with long hours are more likely to have better cognitive functions.

As an example, many grandparents start to feel a sense of purpose and meaning in life again after their retirement; as another example, their ties with their adult children and grandchildren are also strengthened. Grandparental involvement differs between Western and Eastern cultures.

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Grandparents taking care of their grandchildren is a common phenomenon in China due to Chinese traditions which emphasize family harmony, collective well-being, intergenerational exchanges and filial responsibilities. While Chinese Buddhism emphasizes prioritized role of the family in Chinese society and harmonious relations among family members, [40] Taoism emphasizes the importance of harmony in interpersonal relations and relations between nature and the humans.

Besides cultural factors, grandparents taking care of their grandchildren also appears in the context in which their adult children need to work full-time, and the child care services are either too expensive in big cities or too scarce in remote areas. Due to the fast development of urbanization in China since the s, up to million migrant workers from rural areas move to urban areas to seek for more job opportunities, which leave around 58 million children behind in rural areas, [42] grandparents, therefore, undertake the role of parents and become caregivers to their grandchildren.

In the USA, taking care of grandchildren is not a necessary responsibility of grandparents. Grandparents taking care of their grandchildren is often caused by involuntary events or crisis, and it is more like a solution to a problem, not an initiative desire, which is a distinct difference from that in China. However, African American and Latino individuals are more likely to regard looking after grandchildren as a family tradition and are more willing to provide help for their adult children.

To be more specific, African American grandparents are more likely to provide guidance and discipline to their grandchildren due to their flexible family system in which relatives, nonblood kin are all willing to help each other.

Ethnic Names for Grandmothers in Other Countries

Grandparents in Latino culture also play important roles in stabilizing the family unit as family leaders. On the contrary, African American and Latino grandparents rely more on disciplinary and instructional parenting styles and they are less likely to have cognitive or physical burdens when taking care of their grandchildren.

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