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This book is comprised of three chapters, originally published as separate books.

A Contract With God begins with the title story of a man that loses faith after the death of his adopted daughter, and includes three other stories about tenement life in the Bronx. A Life Force is set in the middle s and tells Depression tales of God, crime and the changing ethnic makeup of the Bronx, with the specter of WWII haunting the stories.

Dropsie Avenue begins in and charts the evolution of a Bronx neighborhood up to the bombed out seventies.

The first graphic novel, still unsurpassed

Faith in God, losing religious faith, faith in friends and neighbors and ultimately, faith in humanity are all taken on. They rely heavily on stereotypes. Unhappily, somewhere in the divine cauldron, where mysterious forces fabricate life, something went awry for Aaron, and in the soft circuitry of his brain and infinitesimal welding failed!! His female characters are drawn like dump trucks or bombshells or nothing at all.

A Contract With God

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