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She had never seen a messier living room. Maybe if I clean up around here, I can earn my sleep. As she cleaned, she thought of someone she already missed. Before her father had re-married, she and a Prince who lived in the next kingdom were enjoying getting to know each other. They would take long walks in the royal garden and tell each other stories, and laugh. After the Queen had moved into the castle, her stepmother had made a new rule — no more visitors. Now the Prince had to slip over the palace gate in secret. He would call out to her from under her window and they could talk a bit that way.

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Now that she had to run away from home, would she ever see him again? After Snow White cleaned up the living room, she went upstairs. On the second floor, there were seven little beds lined up in a row, as if for children. Tired from cleaning, Snow White yawned and lay across all seven of the beds. Soon she fell fast asleep. Now that she had run away, would she ever see him again? In the meantime, the Seven Dwarfs were heading home from a long day of working in the jewel mines.

When they opened the door, you can imagine their surprise when they saw their cottage all cleaned up!

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His name was Dopey. There — lying across all their beds, was a young lady, fast asleep.

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Snow White bolted awake. The Seven Dwarfs could tell she was as surprised as they were. Soon they all relaxed and shared their stories. She told them all about her step-mother. That her stepmother had tried to get the huntsman to kill her, that the huntsman had set her free in the woods, and that she could never go back home again. I will let everyone know what part they can do, and I will do my share too, of course. The Seven Dwarfs shrugged.

To celebrate their new friendship, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs sang and danced the night away. The next morning before they left for work, the Seven Dwarfs warned Snow White she must not open the door to anyone.

Snow White (Early Reader)

After all, who knows what evil her stepmother might do? The princess nodded in agreement, and the Dwarfs left the house. The princess prepared her first reading lesson. She also prepared a good hot meal for the Seven Dwarfs when they returned home that night. And so the days passed. After all, who knows what evil the Queen might do?

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