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Dec 3, PRAGUE - The Chinese government wants its people to spend more and save less so the nation can become a consumer-driven society and.

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Meaher did not see it that way, claiming that he treated his slaves well compared to other plantations in the area, somehow voiding any such claims. Dreams of Africa in Alabama is an excellent attempt to explain the founding of a New World society via Old World cultural inheritance. Diouf's model of interpretation is in contrast to other scholars who argue for the primacy of the New World environment in determining social formations.

However, there are some fluid situations that make such wholesale models of interpretation problematic. The Old World had its cultural baggage and the New World had its realities and challenges, forcing continuity, adaptation, and sometimes changes. David Eltis, Philip Morgan, and David Richardson argue that Atlantic history needs to "break out of" this "straitjacket" imposition because "community and cultural formation in the early Americas was a product of many forces.

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In their "inner African circle," they still kept their African names. My own sense is that the first and second generations of Clotilda shipmates were able to resist acculturation because of the extant memories of Africa. However, by the fourth generation, dreams of Africa were fading, and they died with Lewis in Diouf's book is a welcome addition to texts on Atlantic history as well as African American history.

University instructors may find it appropriate as an assigned text in an undergraduate seminar or graduate colloquium on Atlantic history. In Anowa , Anowa's grandma Nana tells Anowa of her adventures to the sea that was bigger than any river and the forts on the coast that rose up to the sky and contained many rooms. These "big houses" were built by the "pale men" for keeping slaves.

Asked what a slave is, Nana replies that a slave is "one who is bought and sold," and that the "pale men" got the slaves from the land. Then Anowa asks Nana, "'What happened to those who were taken away? Do people hear from them? How are they? All good men and women try to forget; they have forgotten!

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Bonded together by slavery, this group attempted to repatriate to Africa after emancipation. When the possibility of repatriation became bleak, they decided to "recreate Africa where they were. They shared all they had, saved money, built each other's houses, and solved problems collectively" p. They held on to the dream of reuniting with their ancestral land by replicating Africa in Alabama. Citation: Nana Yaw B. Review of Diouf, Sylviane A. H-Africa, H-Net Reviews. As Edgar entered his teenage years, however, bad feelings developed between him and John Allan.

Allan disapproved of Edgar's ambition to become a writer, thought he was ungrateful, and seems to have decided to cut Poe out of his will.

Edgar Allan Poe Biography

When, in , Poe entered the newly opened University of Virginia, he had so little money that he turned to gambling in an attempt to make money. In eight months he lost two thousand dollars. Allan's refusal to help him led to a final break between the two, and in March Poe went out on his own. Poe then signed up for a five-year term in the U. In his Tamerlane and Other Poems was published at his own expense, but the book failed to attract notice. By January , serving under the name of Edgar A. Perry, Poe rose to the rank of sergeant major. He did not want to serve out the full five years, however, and he arranged to be discharged from the army on the condition that he would seek an appointment at West Point Academy.

He thought such a move might please John Allan. That same year Al Araaf, Tamerlane and Minor Poems was published in Baltimore, Maryland, and it received a highly favorable notice from the novelist and critic John Neal. Poe visited Allan in Richmond, but he left in May after he and Allan had another violent quarrel. The West Point appointment came through the next month, but, since Poe no longer had any use for it, he did not last long.

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Lacking Allan's permission to resign, Poe sought and received a dismissal for "gross neglect of duty" and "disobedience of orders. Poe lived in Baltimore for a while with his aunt Maria Clemm and her seven-yearold daughter, Virginia. In he published Poems by Edgar Allan Poe and began to place short stories in magazines. In he received a prize for "Ms. In Poe married his cousin Virginia—now thirteen years old—and moved to Richmond with her and her mother.

Although excessive drinking caused him to lose his job in , he had written eighty-three reviews, six poems, four essays, and three short stories for the journal. He had also greatly increased its sales. Losing this job was extremely distressing to him, and his state of mind from then on, as one biographer put it, "was never very far from panic. The panic increased after In two years he boosted its circulation from five thousand to twenty thousand and contributed some of his best fiction to its pages, including "The Fall of the House of Usher.

But there was trouble at Burton's, and in Poe left to work as the editor of Graham's Magazine.

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It was becoming clear that two years was about as long as Poe could hold a job, and though he contributed quality fiction and criticism to the magazine, his drinking, his feuding with other writers, and his inability to get along with people caused him to leave after His wife, who had been a vital source of comfort and support to him, began showing signs of the consumption or tuberculosis, an infection of the lungs that would eventually kill her.

After being wounded in the foot as a Dutch soldier, Andrew was converted and ventured dangerously into many Communist countries at the height of the Cold War.

Lewis wrote more than thirty books, including the famous Chronicles of Narnia. Surprised by Joy is perfect for the curious who want to know how someone could come to possess such exquisite story-telling abilities. In it Lewis takes us from his upbringing to Atheism to Oxford, where his intellectual and spiritual journey reaches its climax. When the Nazis eventually raided the home, all the hidden Jews remained concealed, but the ten Booms were taken away to prison camp. The author survived and tells an unforgettable tale of forgiveness.

The account gives an intimate picture of the dysfunction of the home, including William being unaware that Madalyn was his mother for the first several years of his life. After struggles with crime and drugs, he became a Christian at the age of His mother and brother were later murdered. Keller, an outdoorsman and conservationist who grew up among the Masai in East Africa, interweaves his experience as a sheep rancher in British Columbia with the words of Psalm 23 in this beloved classic.

A diving accident put Joni in a wheelchair at the age of 17, unable to move from the shoulders down. Learning to paint with her mouth, she became an accomplished artist and founded Joni and Friends to help the disabled. This classic about the triumph of faith has sold 3,, copies. Marsden succeeds in producing a critical biography that is also readable. Skinner recounts how Trotman went from juvenile delinquent to founder of a large Christian ministry focused on reproducing disciples through systematic Bible study.

Here I Stand would be an excellent entry point for anyone desiring a first-hand understanding of the 16th-century religious landscape of Europe. Tyndale c. Daniell lays out not only the social obstacles that Tyndale overcame to produce his translation, but also his genius and abilities with the biblical languages in a time when they were little-known in England.

The Biographer and The Murderer

This two-volume work, widely recognized as the authoritative source on Whitefield, took some 25 years to research and write. Dallimore transports us to a time when an evangelist would arrive in a town to proclaim the gospel in the open air, sometimes unannounced, and attract a crowd of thousands upon thousands of people.

Charles Spurgeon is known for his extraordinary ability as a preacher in 19th century England. His Metropolitan Tabernacle would seat 5, and hold another 1, Carey is known as the father of modern missions. After work as a shoemaker and then as a pastor, he became convicted about the need of Christians to share the gospel in the world. He spent 41 years in India and translated the Bible into Sanskrit, Bengali, and other languages.

A modern missionary thriller about a year old Minnesota native who ventures into one of the most feared tribal contexts in Columbia and Venezuela in order to translate the Bible and share its message.

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Using innovative cultural approaches, Olsen overcame incredible obstacles and with time witnessed overwhelming responses to his efforts, including friendship with four Columbian presidents. Richardson, known for his other books, Peace Child and Eternity in their Hearts , plunges readers into the fear-ridden world of the cannabalistic Yali warriors of mountainous Irian Jaya and the change brought about by the martyrdom of Stan Dale and his co-worker Phil Masters.

When the Yali attack and kill the two men, they are awed by their courageous faith, and the events are the beginning of a great spiritual change brought to the Yali. Saint tells an unbelievable story of reconciliation as the same people group invited him and his family to return and live among them in Ecuador. Particularly striking is the development of a close friendship with one of the men who murdered his father, as well as his recounting of the events from the cultural perspective of the tribe.

The book inspired a motion picture of the same name in Judson and his wife left the United States for Burma in and became the trailblazers of modern American missions work. His perseverance was rewarded with the completion of the Burmese Bible translation and the establishment of churches. In the s, five young men resolved to make contact with the Auca, a group of Amazon Indians of Ecuador known for their practice of ambushing all outsiders.

Elliot recounts the slayings of her husband Jim and his four friends after initially friendly encounters, and the touching subsequent story of forgiveness as she returned to live among the people who had murdered her husband. He eventually gave in and went on to minister as a preacher and write one of the enduring classics of the Christian faith.

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Carmichael spent 55 uninterrupted years in southern India, saving many children from prostitution through the establishment of the Dohnavur Fellowship, which still exists today. Lloyd-Jones left a career in medicine to become one the most respected biblical expositors of the 20th century. Though born in Wales, he ministered for almost 30 years at Westminster Chapel in London and became a major figure in British evangelicalism. But he was not at ease, and chose to return to his homeland to show fellow Christians and countrymen how the gospel leads one to fight for justice, even if by subversive means.

Qureshi prided himself on his ability to take apart the Christian worldview, until a fateful day when he met a Christian who at last was able to defend his faith. Qureshi now lectures and debates at public and private universities throughout the world, explaining his own path to faith in Christ through historical reasoning and spiritual encounter.

This biography of a lesser-known figure of the 18th century Great Awakening in England is often listed as a favorite of modern church leaders.